Saturday 19 December 2015



Will you lay down your sword, when all around you, are raising theirs and wanting you to fight.
Will you see the beauty when scares etch your heart,
and see people for their worth and their might.

Will you seek truth and not be fuelled by justice
Nor revenge, don't seek revenge
Nor terror, don't yield in the arms of terror
But seek a different path of tolerence, trial and error.

Will you lead, but not make leadership a command
Will you seek and be blind to hate
Will you stand up for the comman man
and let peace be a story of fate.

Will you talk in words of mercy, grace and merit
Let preaching be a hallowed drowning sound
Bind your fist in mine,
let love be your lost and found

Will you see me for who I am,
in all my impurities and more
even when my beliefs are different
will you forget to even the score

So will you? Will you?
Will you lay down your sword?
Lay it down for unity, humanity, for us all?
Lay it down for the people
Humankind we can be
Together we can stand as one
on this earth and the sea!!!

Anna Burgess

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