Saturday 19 December 2015



You and me need to be free
Let’s not do it like they do
on many a social media channel
You and I don’t need to die
Politicians giving it lies, statistics and flannel
Armies invade, terrorists crusade, the innocent cry

Power, intolerance, religion, race
set the climate, set the pace
Atrocities all over the place
Everybody agrees it’s a disgrace
World stability vanishing without trace

Where’s the compassion, where’s the love?
Media spreading rumours from below and above
All we see is terrorism and war
Politicians and bigots registering points ask the score

Billions spent on missiles and guns
Everybody has got the runs
Yet entrepreneurs make arms deals
They don’t care how death feels

Everybody is still on different sides
American drones never innocently wide
Russian missiles Syrian rebel bound
Holiday jets tragically downed

Tourists massacred on a sun drenched beach
Not what peace and respect preach
Journalists and aid workers without a head
Pools of blood luridly spread

When will these atrocities end?
Where will millions of migrants find a friend?
When will terrorists and extremists be routed out?
What are Religion, Mohammed and God about?

What, where, why and when?
Why are we going through it all again?
Why did the West interfere
in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?
Why leave Syria alone for ages
without a future as civil war rages?
Politicians argue sharpening their knives
as the World lives in fear,
far and near

Copyright - Jules Clare
The Jewelster - 3.12.2015

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