Saturday 19 December 2015


A little girl went to a shop
“My mom says there’s no  peas
Will you give me some peas?”
“Sure”, the shopkeeper said,
“Here’s what you asked for
“Get this for twenty rupees”.

The little girl took it to her mother
“Mom! Here’s peas for you”
“What do you mean? This is not what I need
I need PEACE—understand? P-E-A-C-E!”
“Oh! Mom! Shall I go again and get it for you?”
“ No Dear! You won’t get it in any shop. This is different”
The little girl looked confused.
“Write it in paper, Mom”—she wrote it for her.
“Take it your Dad and ask him not to drink.”
“Then there’ll be Peace?”

She took it to  her Dad
“Dad! Where can I get this?”
Dad frowned at the piece of paper
“This? Oh, you are not going to get it anywhere.”
“ This is different! Ask your Mom not to nag and shout.”
“Then there’ll be Peace?”

The little girl scattered the peas in the courtyard
The crows came and pecked up
The more crows came, the happier they all looked
They sang in bass and broke into a hop-step- jump dance
“Do they have peace?” the little girl wondered

She asked everyone she met
Big-mouthed they were
Nor did she understand the big things they said
Finally an old wayfarer said
“This is what we get plenty in children like you
Sow the seed of “Peace” in your mind
It germinates and grows above all BARRIERS.”
“Like  Jack and the Beanstalk” the little girl mused.
Dr.Aniamma Joseph

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