Saturday 19 December 2015


Olfa Philo

terror …terror … terrorism
who the hell are you ?
who gave you birth ?
who is feeding you?
who is breeding you ?
who is financing you?
when will you drop your mask?
terror… terror… terrorism
who are your brainwashed executioners?
the miserable teens?
the hopeless ?
the jobless?
the vagabonds?
the rebels ?
the marginalized?
the ignorant?
the fanatics?
the pious?
terror … terror … terrorism
to which species do you belong?
to the animal species?
a carnivore?
a predator ?
or a resurrected dinosaur?
what the hell is your target?
slaughtering ?
exploding heads ?
mutilation ?
vandalism ?
highjacking ?
taking hostages ?
kidnapping ?
bombarding ?
massacre ?
terror… terror… terrorism
what the hell is your pleasure?
bloodshed ?
terror… terror… terrorism
who are your damned employees?
robots ?
zombies ?
vampires ?
disguised devils?
terror… terror… terrorism
whom are you fooling with
your fake promises of heaven on earth
or in the afterlife?
which religion promises heaven
to ruthless criminals?
to heartless murderers of
innocent people &
defenseless kids and women?
terror… terror… terrorism
are you mistaking your atrocities
for unparalleled acts of heroism?
don’t you know that you’re
a stigma of shame for humanity?
that you’re reducing all cultures and
civilizations into mere lies ?
that you’re ridiculing us before
the honorable Kingdom of Animals ?
don’t you know that you’re proving
the uselessness of our brains?
the coldness of our hearts?
the extinction of ethics?
the futility of our evolution?
the inhumanity of our human race?
terror…terror… terrorism
you’re nothing but a curse
dragging us back to barbarism !


Violence has
no color
no religion
no caste
no gender
no race

Violence emanates from
the soulless
the wicked
the rotten
the savage
the cruel
the hostile
the egocentric &
the barbaric,
whose hearts
for mercy and
for the 'Other'
left no place

Violence is the offspring of evil
evil is the rival of good
good and evil are inherent in
the Jewish
the Christian
the Muslim
the Atheist
the Buddhist
and also in the 'chameleons'
with more than one face

Violence gives birth to
and entails nothing but
an un-erasable trace

Violence should be
repudiated and abated
in each corner of the globe
wherever it slyly sneaks
looking for a permanent
identity and place


halt to violence !
halt no bloodshed !
halt to racism !
halt to fanaticism !
halt to terrorism !
halt to barbarism !
halt to war!

Let's cure ourselves
from WITHIN and tame this
shameful trait belonging to
the (in)human race...

Olfa Philo (Drid)

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