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We wish all our readers, members, writers and poets a happy and peaceful world to live in. THE SPECIAL ISSUE of our monthly poetry journal “OUR POETRY ARCHIVE” is now online. In this special issue we are focusing on INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM and war to lend our individual voice for promoting world peace and prosperity. Let us speak out against terrorism, violence, blood bath, and for peace prosperity and harmony among different cultures, religions, race, and nationalities to make this world a better place for our future generations.

We think it is also the moral responsibility of poets and writers alike to put their protest, agony, pain and sufferings in words in this period of political turbulence everywhere. Nobody is sure about who is the offender or protector. Innocent people are dying in the most violent manner one can imagine. There is no security for the citizens around the world. People have lost their belief in the honesty and integrity of the society and political institutions alike. You don’t know where to turn for shelter and security. You don’t know when the next suicidal terrorist attack will occur and where. Such is the situation in most of the regions of the world. 

So this is the moment to shift our focus from mere literary work to use literature to voice our individual protests in a collective manner. No, this is not a political debate for us. We are only concerned with the security and prosperity of human beings everywhere irrespective of their cast and religion, race and nationality, beliefs and doubts, language and culture. This is the time we thought OUR POETRY ARCHIVE should come out with this special number focusing these issues and addressing the world in poetry for peace against war and terrorism. And we are glad; we have got a huge response from the literary communities all around the world.

We are also happy to announce that our friends and members around the world have contributed their time and provided suggestions, guidance and strong support to make this special edition possible. We especially thank Dr. Mary Miraglia of Italy for her guest editorial for this edition. We also thank Ms. Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa for extending her kind support and working hard to make this edition possible. Our thanks goes to all the members, poets and friends who were directly involved in this collective project. This edition really belongs to them. Without their support and contributions we couldn’t have made it possible.

We invite everyone to visit this edition and share it with your friends and families. We would also like to request our readers to provide us with your valued feedback so that we can carry on with our journey improving OUR POETRY ARCHIVE in a continuous manner.

Thank You All.

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