Saturday 19 December 2015



Today the news article cold my feet,
murder of elderly couple grapple my tears,
Unconsciously I started dreaming me in their place with fear,...
Elders advised for my precautionary bolts,
but my thunderous mind questions with rear,
Television clippings display the chilling story,
my heart sank in flurry,
The oldies killed for wealth with out the presence of their dearly dear,
Is society so unsafe for us that
we have to question our trust and faith for one with whom we cheers?
In this individualistic world surrounded with masks lingers fear,
Terrorists attack the innocents without a hint,
blood smeared,
News headlines say the city under the terrorist scanner,
myself wonder why this banner?
Again I fear,
How long we have live in this state ,eyes gripped with terror of fear,
Heart revolts, but lips silent, the thunder of my mind searched for pen ink to clear,
Friends we want to live in cheers ,didn't fear snatch our cheers?


Sky dry n clear with cool air,
Draped in wool i avoid the chill sphere,
The clock hardly betrays its alarm time,
now it buzzed to alert me for my daily chime,...
Morning is more dark with its coloured vine,
My heart sank and then again crept to blanket fine,
The softness of fur hold me to sleep a little while.
Again the snoozed alarm rang that shook my spine,
Tussled myself to scrape from warm blanket's grip,
Then found the tender little fingers grip holding me tight n weep,
Immediately i cuddled my child to tight embrace for a peaceful sleep,
My warm coat is enough for her relief,
Parents' shed is what a child need more whether it is hot or cold,
Millions are departed from this privileged, sympathetic hearts can be a vintage.
In this vineyard our emotions are same ,love for child is always a gain,
As their innocent hearts bear no tangled chain,
Morning hours run fast ,thinking so I dragged out with mourning heart,
Today's morning the chilling news of gunfire shook my realm,
Morning gave a .shocking wave that waived the cool air from the graze,
The terror filled heart of mine dragged myself to bed to see my darling fine.
The cold morning trembled me within, prayers for everyone's wellbeing.

Lopamudra Mishra