Saturday 19 December 2015



Traversing sea on flimsy boat
Fly over ocean on the modern plane
The people run for better life for themselves
Becoming Martians in the foreign land

Misunderstood, lonely , keeping the traditions
Living in closed circles , doing menial jobs
Some adapting fast to newer customs
Others never manage be a part of melting pot

Those others manage not to speak the proper language
Cooking their own food just like in abandoned mother land
Watching TV , the news about places of ancestors
Reading the papers on the native tongues

The isolation grows with not so friendly glances
Mistaken notions of the natives about the customs
Keeping the culture withing unfamiliar population
Hearing go home , you not welcomed here

The refugees were always coming to America, to Europe
Experiencing difficulties on arrival, how not get swindled by
Survive amidst the stormy waves of infamiliarity
The new influx is streaming now through , repeating steps of
The preceding generations, blood, sweat and tears
After swimming in the murky waters have to endure
The tidal waves of misconception , alienation of the soul


(inspired by my friend Lebene Attipoe)

The desperation settled in
Must we abandon land of the ancestors
Run as fast as legs permit , escaping murderous intentions
The death is breathing in the neck, touching the shoulders
There no way looking back , unless we want to bury children

The boats waiting on the shore, too small , too overcrowded
Or maybe it is us , unknown number of the humans
Trying to beat the devil in his horrific games, crowding
Rushing to squeeze into the tiny vessels wooden bones
Collapsing in the murky waters in the despairing attempts

Cold temperatures putting bracelets on the limbs
Paralysis of motion ends hopes galloping race
The babies, mothers taken by Neptune's daughters, mermaids
They staring back at us , accusing in inhumane intentions
The vacant fishy eyes,limp, lifeless bodies brought to beach
Same , suppose to become haven for the safety
The freedom claimed highest price.. the life
Crabs , seashells decorate awkward stance of corpses


Look around
The wars,the big and small
Stopping never on the greediness account
The politicians playing games with people's lives
We all the targets on the shooting range
Dying from unnatural causes

You ask yourself when does it end
Never as long as we guided by wrong values
Running away from question to the "Cannot see it" land
Rejecting massacres much like folks in Germany or
Long way from Europe, America, believing not
The trains delivering thousands to concentration camps
Not for a working but for gas chambers
The eyes are opened too late for many.. ashes left

The years passed since without peace
The confrontations in diverse parts of world did not cease
It is enough to read the eyes of child to understand
That small , tentative truce is better then small local war

Margaret Gudkov

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