Saturday 19 December 2015


Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Sounds of music in deep mysterious
Shredding the only mellifluous
What a creature what a soulless
What choice did they have, hopeless?

They gaze at anything of some sort of rope
I still remember that we were object in their eyes
Sold in auction like paintings
Named in anyhow like pets and cows
Living in fear of violence, threats and intimidation

In all of a sudden we think it clear
In all without peace, it bombs nuclear
Remember the French revolution’s reign of terror
The mass execution by guillotine
Colonization of countries, religion as grease-painted face
Why wouldn’t we face it, the fight isn’t only over resources
But different in culture, we believe it different Gods
But it all the same, the different is on the way to practice it
Pedagogical the lacks sensibleness
In our minds we are still colonised by the western way of life…
They act on their political agendas in sacrifices of human rights
How cold-hearted is that…
Just to benefit directly proportional
Then who is a terrorist?

We call ourselves victims but we the one who preaches foreign culture
We colonise our minds and rupture our souls then,
We cry and say we are in suffering again
We felt the deepness of our for-fathers pains
We invites troubles in our world by words we say
We have changed the way we live
Our history is asking why we leave
We are busy capitalising in protection while we are hungry in stomach
What exactly are we protecting? , the dying people under this dome?
The hunger, the poverty…who are we protecting us against?
Our resentments will be felt in future generation third time more than us.
Lets fights terrorism while we have the chance with us.

It life began when it ends
New life in the dust reaching edges
Crossing and meeting fragile hearts
Then it encountered the old granny,
who then miss herself in the early 60s
Living under the oppression that not only live in her mind
but in her freedom inside

That keeping closer the shadows of death and fading the light.
It just a fooling itself, the colour of the skin dark or light
but in what I know the light can never be there if there wasn't dark
but the dark can be dark without light, the light light in the dark...
The mission of the missing poem was to bring back hope in dark nation.
It was to remind people that all what exit was created by mankind,
so who are we?
We are those creation of God
Who were sent to rule over the earth not to think we know where heaven is,
remind the gods for that sake.

I think when God creates man was aware of all kinds of thoughts can think of him
Then he limits our thoughts to what it is about him
Then hide the truth in himself so that we will all receive it when we reach him.

The poem was written by a young boy
who thought was opening the gates of his dreams until...
He began to think he was having a wrong key,
when the keys didn't open the gates of his visions
He thought his passion was more than enough to find himself crucified like Jesus...
On his prayers he doesn’t end with amen
Because not even single day where he finishes praying
All day long thinking about his poem went missing...
His mind and soul was on his poem but not remembering even the single word of it...
The poem was written in tears of his sick mother who has a hope from his son...
Poem depicted of what will happen before the set of the sun

The poem came across a little humble girl of fourteen years,
who lost her family in car crutch when she was still on the womb…
but luckily doctors manage to save her not the mother
She was playing in the street with friends.
Unconsciously she picks the piece of paper...
Looking on the scripture for a moment,
she then disappears from their eyes to her room,

She was adopted by rich family who promised to take care of her...
but the truth they told her...
Makes her think sometimes and watch every move they making towards her...
She was clever enough to read the situations...
She wears glasses with the thick layers, Christian cross in her neck....
blazer in school and always with books and pencil case in her hand
Not forgetting her big heavy bag in her back...

A lone in her room she began crying...
Her tears dropped one by one in a sequence towards the piece of paper...
She then asks herself, did God love me enough to save only me in the family?
Did God thought about my happiness when he let me leave alone?
The missing poem was still on table she was about to read the last stanza
when her half young sister walks in...
She hides the poem on her books not to be retrieved by anyone...
She carries it whenever she is going to school.... or elsewhere

Years and years pass on
She had been trying to find the writer of the poem about fifteen years
She gave this poem a new title 'The missing poem' by anonymous...
She recited it on poetry sessions, shows, radio stations, television
for hope of getting the writer,
because she knew she can able to I identify the owner by one or two words...
She became well-known with it...leaving people crying
but smiling at the same time what a confusion
She didn't need money she had enough of it she had a great job...
Offer sides by sides, all the money that she got from this poem,
she had been keeping it in this box.
The box was printed outside 'The missing poem' by anonymous
The poem was getting bigger and bigger local, to national, national to international....

The boy who lost his poem fifteen years ago was in hospital for his dying mother
who have been in hospital for fifteen years
when he heard the last lines of the poem in the radio poetry time and
began remembering his poem...
Without wasting time, he called the girl since she left her number...
The girl believe that the poem was written by him
because of the last two lines that she didn't write on the new copy
to find the real writer with them...

She immediately went to the hospital where the boy was with her mother...
He then tells her all the story about the poem,
her mother was wild awake the boy was surprise,
she had been sleeping like this for years
his mother said ' my son I was waiting for this day,
now I will be relieved that you have found your keys to your vision
take care of your loves one and yourself'
machines went off his mother's destiny was reached
the God bells has rung for the last time for her...
Unfortunately, the girl was also involved in the car accident
in her way back home...

The boy was only left with the poem and
all fortunes the poems has made but all the people he loves wasn't with him...
The last lines of the poem were written as: God can give you happiness
God can bring you in this world to suffer for the happiness of others...
He doesn’t suddenly reply on prayers but eventually he will in future time...
The missing poem...


Step one
Cry while others are happy that you have arrived,
Move your hands and legs in any how to contrived
Hold those little hands that your gift of life.
Lean and learn to smell your real mom as of rife.
Touch and experience everything by your hands and mouth.
Let your mom worry about all other things as south.

Step two
Ask everything by crying, as surprise
Hold on to your mom, pull her hairs, and put your fingers in her eyes.
Hold on to that mama's breast that your healthiest meal
Watch everything with eagerness like a wheel
Pull everything don't worry if they fall that not on you.

Step three
Play with others on your age
Make them your friends, show them you are smarter than them.
Don't hit them you are not a bully
Play with soil, do washing that your mom left unattended
Make you’re on way to everything you can reach.
Focus on your pleasure and cry as much as you can.
Touch that fire to burn you up and you will understand it harmfulness

Step four
Say what is in your mind better stalk
Listen to others as they talk
Try to call names, no matter if they now sound different
Make meanings through accommodation and simulation
If it funny laugh until you are satisfied
Make the world your playground,
Listen to the elders what they have to say to you
Be afraid of what they tell you not to touch.
Ask question like why? how? what?

Step five
Now you are growing too fast like ducks and drakes
Take punishment for your mistakes
Ask for forgiveness if you have to
See things on the way around you
Respect everyone around you
Everybody who is in your parent's age is your parent too.
Involve yourself in everything that is being done either school or elsewhere.
Find yourself through others
Listen to music that you like, that suit your style.
Take those advices of your friend they will grow you up.
Whatever you choose to be but don't forget where your come from.
Remember your background every time you take that decisions.

Step six

They will tell you now that you have grown up
Live life with purpose now
Pray to God to keep you in the right path
Have a role model keep faith..
Learn to bounce back when you fall
Don't let shortcomings ruin your dreams
Learn to breakthrough those walls act in Reims
Create your image, clear the wounds with suture
Make choices that will make you live a better life in future
Not the one that will make you survive

Step seven
Keep your focus, make it slow
Experience things, go with the flow
Don't let anything take over yourself, scream.
Respect the world, pay attention to your dream.
Stand for consequences of your mistakes and badness
Enjoy your world by turning all your tears to happiness
Hold on to whatever you need
Make others happy with you or about you
Don't be a shame create joy of slew
Don't judge people let the world do that for you
Don't seek for revenge but let the world do it for you.
This is the world show some love...

Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

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