Saturday 19 December 2015




Are we back to the period of reign of terror?
Murder in broad day light another horror
Is this the New world error?
I Really wonder,
Murdering another brother
Is there any degree of fair?
Rising against your brother and sister,
From another mother
Taking an innocent life away
Leaving beloved ones in melancholy
How long are we going to live under shade of fear
Everyday shading  another tear
Another loss of our brother & sister
Nagasaki massacre in broad day light another breathing terror
Shadow of terrorism brewing fear
For how long are we going to stand and look
All species being wiped away from earth
We no longer have faith
Being haunted day& night by fate
Oh heaven we need a hug of Peace
For our hearts are broken, sew our hearts again piece by piece
As we wait for peace

Dedicated to 120 Paris Victims


A genocide,
Causing human kind extinction,
Lets put an end,
Or else war will put an end on human kind,
Fools fight over nothing,
War doesn’t’t solve problems,
But it takes innocent lives,
Let’s unite,
Together we can make a change,
For a better future,
A genocide,
Will put an end on us,
What legacy are we going to leave?
Let us unite,
One love,
Clamoring with one voice for peace,
Because we chose to live,
A better future,
Let us shout with a vociferous voice,
No to war! ! !

Donald Kuutsi

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