Saturday 19 December 2015



Precious living spring
Of life's peace and harmony
We thirst and hunger
for thine presence
oh unity and solidity
We need thee to destroy the looming terror which stealthily
And slithered slowly
In the dark corridors and crevices
Of our present world
Creating havoc abd hysteria
Disharmony and conflicts
Fears and confusions that sends governments and the powerful
In a helpless gestures of whirring
Whirling ang whinning in crazy circles in such a speed
Rendering them still confused
trying to find thee, divine unity
To prevent and stop
this rampage of evil deeds
Shaking the core of humanity

Where are you humanity?
Where art thee?
You who will unify t
The weak and strong
The good and the evil
The powerful and the fools
The ignorant and learned
The ugly and beautiful
Where art thee?

You who will give
Strength and solidarity
You will give life harmony
And oneness
You who will make everyone
Cooperateand unite
To fight the evil
that create hostilities
You the integral part of
peace that we crave

Wherever you are
I'd like to imagine you
Coming to us mortals
Rummaging the vestiary
Of conflicts and insanity
And garb it in the purist
Vestal garments
Of unity and peace
And offer yourself
in the highest altar
Where the sacred fire
Will forever burn with flame
That no one ca destroy.

Oh, where art thou
Precious divine unity?
Where art thee?

And the iron bird
Became a bullet
Spewing fire
The tower of Babel
Once again destroyed
With vengeance
And people arround
the world spoke
Only about horror, dread
pain and unspeakable
Grief and sadness
The angst became
The language
Of every nation on earth

September eleven
We will not forget!

Rebecca Villanueva
Copyright 2015

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  1. What a wonderful passages !!!! Keep it up my best friend