Saturday 19 December 2015



Let's feel no wonder because of the terrorist attacks that so much have made the media talk all over the world. This would be a colossal naive and make us ignore all the historical events that have so often stained with blood the fields of the world and still do, most of the time, for questionable reasons. Besides, if we simply wanted to analyze the causes of wars and conflicts on a worldwide basis, we'd find that they were raised for reasons the ordinary people usually didn't understand nor share. Wars have never changed for the better the man's quality of life, but left destruction and deaths involving in that people whose innate desire was to live long their ordinary lives, not to break them on a battlefield, but called to war in the name of their country. So the question comes naturally: what is a country if not an extension of land of a common house called world? Some of them were also given medals for their value misused according the numbers of deaths left on the fields.

Being so wide and deep the extent of the issue, some moments of collective outrage can't be enough to aspire to a lasting harmony among the people of our planet, it requires the perseverance, on the part of intellectuals around the world, in the defense of peace, universal rights, the rights of all children, regardless of genders, to education, which alone can free from intellectual slavery more dangerous and frustrating than labor slavery.

Poets, among them, endowed by life or by Someone up there, of the ability of large visions, have the chance to spread awareness of the value of each single person, of the possibility that the political -economic power be exercised for the good of a global community.

This is the aim of all the friends and poets who have contributed to this work, and surely they will keep going on persisting in their desire for a better world where religious diversity, skin color or political affiliation do not make us see in the other the enemy and consider diversity as a common richness not as division. Meanwhile, let us all rethink of a new order of the public thing that can see in the citizen of the world the main actor of the socio-economic and political choices, that's of his destiny, what is, instead, held in the hands of few even in the most advanced democratic societies. Their dominant ideology to preserve nationalistic structures ignoring the common good. The territorial divisions have been thought by men and can be torn down by them to consider each and all citizens of one world.

Dr. Maria Miraglia