Saturday 19 December 2015



Though all the tree have been falling down
No heart of mine will be closed
To normalize the wind blowing up to die
Till this world be broken into pieces
Whereas the sun is not shining
And this world would be dark
No lighting will be coming down to secure the lives
As long as poetic words are running to say
How this world looks like
If all the mankind are in pain
Because of misunderstanding 
That should be thought for one or two times
Let be smart to overcome the fact
If not, all are useless at the end
Though the planning be achieved so as to say
That's the fact be seemed like that


This world seems to smile
Even the moon is so as to be
It never covers its face
If the terrorism will not be there
...till the sun is shining
For all the lives be saved
And the angels would be coming
To give the peace for them to survive
Even the Almighty, God gives the right hand
Not to kill for cruelty
Because this world is for Him
Not merely for the creatures or human beings
All the lands are for the men but for Him
The terrorists are not only the enemies of Lord
...but of the mankind
All the creatures do agree
Why not?
Because the victims had come up
To believe or not to be
Depends on what happened since
While the leaves of a tree be witnesses
Never i conceal when i stand under the tree
It gives me a speak of how men terrorized
That the lives are bombed cruelly
Without thinking and giving mercy
While the government would confused to think
What is the cause of doing?
Since men are friendship
Equality is precious rather than to kill
So as to be spoken by the poet of PEACE
Why is this be like this?
What is the benefit of doing the deed?
It will be a curse for those who are not in sin
The children's face will be frowning
Because of the moonless night speaks
And this world becomes frustrated
To see all what happened recently
That's not expected for futurity
And i hate them to destroy
Surely, surely, surely


How can i say it is true
What ever you have done
What you think is not like mine
Mean while you look so cruel
You hide your face
But not to make me happy once in a while
What you think is not like what i think
I am merely a poet of needing peace
Further that terrorism is my enemy
Why do you cover your face with black leaves
While the lives is precious
Even the moon would not be smiling
If the action looks like the evils
And no one likes to support
Wherever i go will be hard to praise
That the face is like the hell for men
And i never be a friend of terrorists of the land
Because of my country is in peace
I hope the Peace and the damage of lives
Why it is so and so?
The mean are victimized
Many of them had been killed
Their soul had been flying in the air
Since you are the source of destructiveness
Till this world is not too much for me all
Caused by the hell actions
Irresponsible action done is on the top of mind
It really should be thought by all
Because it is a serious to be discussed over and over
Since the children and others are victimized
Their lives become useless
How cruel you are to behave?
Never mercy be provided once in a while
Merely the cruelty be a friend of bombing
While the mankind is worried
And never dream a Peace
I need Peace for the solution
Because it is the fresh waterfall watering the lives
That's this world of lives be hoped and saved


No body rejects anyhow
How this world of men is cruel
If the peace is not in right hand
And there is no the lives would be saved
Because of the cruelty
Has been spread in the mind
And the heart is not like the water fall
Even a drop of fuel never be drooped the mind of men to purify
Why are you so cruel to kill?
What sin of us portrayed done
Never we are blamed to hurt
But you terrorized the lives as whole
Why don't you think it further
That the lives is really precious
While the holy soul is not yours
It belongs to Almighty
Never hurts you before and after
Mean while the mercy fades away
Since you are the terrorists
Why do you do that?
For the underage children be victimized
They need mercy, not only from the Lord
...but also from the mankind
Their face never frowns to see you
Humanity of the man should be precious
It is like the sun shines
Never feels bore to give lighting
All human beings also need the same
For the lighting should be like peace
To cover all the lives problems
It needs solution to overcome
Not to kill and damage all of the lives
That's what be hoped at the end
Not at all except the PEACE


What makes me worried about is the love
If it has no meaning for
But it is not a force
Mean while it never comes out from human heart
It comes from heart to heart
Patience to love is obviously not as a rainbow
To go away for the moment
It is hard to go back
And it fades away for some miles
What love i hope to gain in the lives
For me is not like the properties
But for the love that you put on kindness
Everybody wishes love
Not only love from the radiant claims
To love each other is a task
Where should i gain the love?
It is not easy question
Friendship is more better to improve rather than to kill
That makes me hate the war
But peace is the skin of mine or others
Because it is liked by innocent child
They hope the love be in mankind's heart
Not to hurt one with another in a conflict
If love is in the mind
Man may not kill each other
Is it possible to keep it up with consciousness
Why not?
In my mind war is the evil of man's desire
It arises from the black blood
Since the lives will be useless
Otherwise it is not stopped for the survival
Let us avoid the war,which brings damage for us all
Be sure of poetic words
Not to be cruel in mind with the guns
Weapons are not wrong for killing
Man's mind is not a normal to seize the children's right
And kill them uselessly
That's what be hoped for the future generations
Not to run the lives meaninglessly
To create harmony in the nature of man's lives

When the love will  be coming down
All the leaves of the trees will be smiling
If the heart of man is as smooth as snow
Not like fire and ice

To melt and burn the feeling of mankind
Humanity should be there between
As long as this world
  is not broken into pieces
What should be said if it is not the same with

That's the fact that avoided
Mean while their love be reunited
Not to invite the conflict by killing
The peace should be there to separate
If they are in enemies

Not to destroy each since man is precious
And not like other creatures
They have a thought and feeling to do
Not like the terrorists,who destruct their right

Until their lives would be useless
And had no voice to run the lives
While their world is felt dumb and has no spirit
That's the Peace needed for peaceful ignorant


No wind can blow up my love
I am the love
No one is in mind
No one is in lives
Though there are so many leaves
Only one tree planted in mind
Since you are the leave of my heart
Never be destroyed
Never be hurt in lives
Your smile looks like the leaves smile
...when i climb up the tree
No one tree except is to protect my pain
Whenever i pick it up
No heart is to damage
Because you are a part of my blood
Wherever i go ...
I use to remind that you are in my side always
But even God smiles to see
What we are doing in lives
Except you and i are merely on the earth
Nobody looks like what the face of ours there be
Keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind
That's a precious message


I am unable to grasp the moon
For my eyes has been blind to gaze
Since humanity fades away
Even a single cloud to fly would not be a friend
Because of terrorists had been spread
To kill the lives

All the men are in worried to run the lives
So as the tree becomes to dry
For there is no spirit to live
Though this world is as beautiful as the moon
But the feeling is like lifeless tree
What should be done?

That's the fact might be avoided
Mean while the sun will not smile with its shining
And the sky seems too dark
I could not find out my ways to go out
Because lighting is not familiar
Never be a friend

Almost they are felt to worry because of the peace
If this simultaneously runs
What would be happened to the lives?
It looks like the tree without stems
The existence becomes meaningless

The generations of a country become useless
Mostly they are in pain
Because of bombing...
And this world be in a change into the dust
All are useless and meaningless


How can my country be prosperous
Otherwise the terrorism had been spread like bees
Be impossible to gain the dream
Mean while the death be found everywhere i live
My country looks like a dump to run the lives
For the humanity is far away
No body cares of its survive
If this would be simultaneously run
What might be the sun say to give lighting
For the dark of this world is a hatred
Nobody likes to get it
What should be effective done?
Mean while the lives is felt bored
Because of it has no mercy
Man is a complete creature for survive
And it might not be regarded as useless
While God is the above
That should be in thought for human beings
Not to destruct the lives
It is really precious as the soul
Believe or not to be
But be sure of principle to run as a vehicle
For the truth is above the tree
Its stems look like fresh to gaze
Suppose the men are friendship for not damaging
That's the bombing should be avoided
The live would be prosperous of the country to live
That's the humanity, solidarity and equality be in dream
Let's hope the new leaves be grown up till to die


Let not the weapons be active again
Let the people of country be happy
Let us be calm without conflict
Let the silence be in our place
Avoid using weapons but not to fight
The war should be ended without killing
Let peace be like a snowing mountain
It melted into the mind of humanity
While solidarity should be kept in mind
Let the sound of flowers beneath the hill be heard
So that civilians feel amazing
Let have a look and read the poem of peace
We should pray for the bitter lives
Let have a thought to think over and over to gain peace
Imagine how peace and love make silence
Different color, races,nation and country and belief as well
The equality would be lightning among without war
Avoid using guns, atomic bombs
Everywhere we are will be in silence
Happiness will be there from one place to another
Justice, freedom, humanity and peace create peace
All of us could share these for global lives
No worried for the peace if lightning be in heart
Let the nation from west to east know the peace
So all the men will hold it from heart to heart
Let the peace make our country free and land as well
Avoid hatred before miles to go away
Be sure the lives will be prosperous at the end
That's the real dream we put in hand


This world will not
be frowning
If its face
be given

That the man will be
a man in the
right place

For he will be useless
because of terrorizing
the innocent

And their tears will not
be as much as
the sea

Cruelty is judged as the evil
since humanity and
solidarity is
to find

Why should you kill them?
The lives is precious
Which has no sin
Think twice before doing
Even trice before the weapons reacted

How cruel they are to do
That the mankind is precious for humanity
While the Peace is a block for doing the deed
Avoid negative assumption for murdering
That's the hope be successful for a growing tree


Never in my lives i am the love
I never love terrorists for they are my enemies
Because the trees are in my dream are not like what i dream
They are not in the trees giving mercy

I need them be protection for lives
I regard them be fruits to eat
But it seems to be useless for humanity
In fact the bombing dropped are damaging my dream

What should i approve to be friendship?
I merely say nothing to keep
For those who are unfamiliar with terrorists
I really suggest for the peace

To avoid the reaction of crime
No bargain to accept them spreading in my country
Because of less in humanity
Therefore be kept in mind, not to touch their skin

Is not like the skin what i have
Surely the sun i gaze is not shining
It only has sunless lightning
Because of cruelty to kill my people's right

Is it right or not?
Depends on how you estimate
But that the fact emphasizes what i gaze
More or less to corrupt humanity


Siamir Marulafau

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