Saturday 19 December 2015




So dark its lonely
It's been a week of Misery's
So calm so silent in a place of agonies

A place where distress soul are burnings
Seeking for justice in what had they  be coming
So young so little
What a   fragile little one
beside the corpse's
In a mass graves he is lying

A town full of life
A country full hope
A man with lots of opportunities
A world worth of prosperities
A place with lots of soul hoping for eternity's

Be ashamed for what you had done
To this tiny soul
With  much more greater things ahead of
Looking towards for his destiny
So innocent about his reality

Boom  boom
Bang bang
An unexpected  attack of a terror
An unexpected death and detour
Boom boom
bang bang
A terror .........,,,,, a terror all over
Here   ,there ,  everywhere  all  covered

In a place of dreams and hope
In an instant  had been  gone
In a place where laughers and joys
For a moment had been destroyed

Where is the  love ?
Where is the humanity
Is it really  had been gone?
if with out serendipity

Where is your conscience ?
where is you soul ?
Where is the tiny spot in a hole
when we are all frighten in this terrorism
We are all captured  in a freedom of  our own

A world without a place
A world without a Peace
A world without a hopes
A world with full of fears
A fears to  be a gears
In this world we live in .

There is hope for you my friends
every second we   hold in
God always  give you strengths
In this world we are  in
I do believe in tiny hope
hope that can conquer all
A hope that cannot been destroyed
Even thousands of sufferers can become whole
A horizon can be still up sight
A rainbow can still be seem
We just need a little rain
To bring  back life again
In this word of humanity .

Jufran P Obregon

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