Saturday 19 December 2015


L. Custance

As terrorism Isis it's international cake,
The peaceful populations begin to quake!
"THEY killed twelve people in the name of GOD,
Because RELIGIOUS SHEEPLE didn't like what was drawed...."
A bomb inside a Russian jet,
But mankind had seen nothing yet!
People publicly perish in Paris!
The world being inverted like a wheel of Ferris.

As THEY executed THEIR battle plan,
By executing THEIR fellow man,
THEIR closed minds -
Closed borders.
THEY've been neutralized,
According to reporters....

In THEIR undistinguished fight to stifle power,
They extinguished the lights of the Eiffel Tower!
By refusing to meet THEIR so-called foes
In the traditional theatre of war,
THEY strike more terrorizing blows,
Going through societies' side doors!

All is fair in love and war,
Or at least that's what is said,
But try telling that to the terrorized,
Survivors of the dead!

Innocents' blood fills the cup
Insolence is what fired Them up,
Filling Them with such hate!

If the west had not tried to forcibly fleece,
In businesses they don't belong,
Then perhaps this thing called world peace
Wouldn't have gone so terribly wrong....

Yes these acts are barbaric,
To say the very least!
I think it's too late to apologize
To the muddled Middle East...

another one is about the Charlie Hebdo shootings....


"They" killed twelve people
In the name of God!
Religious sheeple,
Didn't like what was drawed.

They were retaliating
To a religious cartoon,
While actually mutilating
Their own religion!

A wounded cop,
Executed in the street-
For doing his job-
His maker, now meets.

Three cowardly extremists
All dressed in black....
And what was their premise
For this ungodly attack?

Someone drew a picture
Of their beloved prophet!
A funny caricature,
Illustrated for profit.

Was this enough-
Were they justified?
Where is the love?

Those twelve "infidels"
These three, in their place, put,
But they might very well
Have shot their religion in the foot!

If ever a  religion,
Preaches "killing"in its sayings,
For all of it's pigeons,
I am definitely praying!

If I got a bullet,
For every joke that I told,
My corpse, you couldn't tell it-
It would be so full of holes!

I have written quite a few
Of questionable taste!
Overstayed many a curfew....
Twelve artisans? What a waste!

Maybe I'll be the next one,
On the comedic hit list,
Of this cowardly religion's
Sect of extremists!

Turn the other cheek,
Is what my Prophet said!
If we all lived kinda meek,
No one would be dead.

So If they come after I,
Them I will not be fighting
Like satirists, that  today, died,
I will go down writing!!!

Ken L. Custance

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