Saturday 19 December 2015


Rare seeds I plant, roots of boundless light,
fruit trees of care and love, in my garden I plant.
Seeds of hope, compassion, togetherness, in the garden of my heart,
seeds of expectation, in countless fields of the world, I plant.

Seeds of understanding I plant,
to grow trust, new plantations of unity.
Seeds of friendship among hostile nations, seeds of change
in the camps of ancient hate, the light of change, I plant.
Seeds of nonviolence I plant,
on the continents of confusion,
on lands where the past ignites the present with blood,
carrying coffins of innocent victims of war.
Seeds of trust I plant,
on new horizons, new seasons of hope,
cultivating fruitful years of the future.
Seeds of sincerity, together we plant.
On the plains of mind I plant
brotherhood and sisterhood of the heart.
In the depth of the heart, miracle seeds I plant
to nurture all continents with friendship.

In the monopolies of financial dominance,
in the darkness of political irrationality,
in the hell of fanatical madness,
high on the mountains of the soul, clarity I plant.

Day and night I plant, in the soil, in the water, in the air,
in the mind, roots of goodness. Day and night I plant,
flowers from my heart to your heart,
good will, growing within every heart,

flourishing Peace.

If you don’t find me in your heart,
search for me,
invent me,  sense me.
You will find me in the sensitive
heart of all ancient stone.
You will find me in Earth’s heart,
on soil, dew on morning’s face,
in Earth’s organic ingredients,
on the trodden footpaths
un-trodden by  time,  since the time
my ancestors discovered  clarity.
I find you in the fragrance of mind,
land of reality, dreams,
flame in the wind, the end at the end of storm,
under blossomed orange, lemon trees,
in the orchards of happiness of nations, true self
in the endlessness of white-blue blueness,
in the heart of yellow,  your next sun,
sunsets with declarations of life, seasons
of innocent maturity, never ending sea caress,
perfection of new blueness in the ocean
darkness searching for light.
Always holding the light of Hope on my hands
to terminate hostile clouds, hateful shadows on the land,
to remove darkness, the immaturity of soul,
to erase doubt, confusion, hate, envy,
lack of confidence between the nations.

I find you in my mind, in my heart,
in every rock, plant, drop of rain of my soul,
beyond the vision, inside the vision,
the vision I conceive every day, when I kneel
praying for Love on Earth,
praying for Peace.

© Roula Pollard

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