Saturday 19 December 2015



War a notorious thief of harmony,
Pours down cruel mortality upon our own lives,
Extinguishing the mob of our kind,
Making our earth favourless,
And a brutal pit of agony,
But yet peace is the key,
To our locked cold sense,
That recur such doomsteps,
That keeps us alive enough to have the strength to die,
Yet we weep and know why.
Lay not waste our powers,
Watching war break the calm of our earth,
Its mobility correctly judged as unsound of nature,
Yet the antidote to this disease lies within the same hearts that suffer it,
The light that quenches lies underneath our black skin,
The sword that slays is the shield that saves,
The fire that burns is the guard that extinguishes,
The potter that destroys is the hand that creates,
Yet the rage that scorns us is the peace that heals the wounds.
Lets all stand against this brutal madness,
Like beads of a necklace lets come again,
As we hold infite peace in the palm of our hands,
Eternity forever.
PEACE a savior of such tormenting minds,
Like a tap of running water, once water flows out,
It never flows back, so be our world peace.
Peace like oil in water, no matter what amount of war we pour on it,
It will always float above all.
Together we can,
With one giant voice we shout,

Benevolent Masora

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