Saturday 19 December 2015


Florence Chikumba


We used to have
peace,but now all we have is war.                         Reality
which is absurd feels like a fake.
Terrorism ruins the act of humanity.
History is printed on innocent's blood stained bodies,
They want to know something,they want a little smile!
Terrorist have been taught by
their masters to harrase   other religion,culture and political
parties.                                            They harrased
people arround the world,to help them,grenades and bombs,they have to
hurl.               They are given arms and ammunitions to destroy the
world.                                               In
Paris,Pakistan,Sudan,Berlin,Ethopiaetc innocent blood is flowing and
people are dying.                          Religion or politics
extremism kills.Terrorism reigns,the world is no longer safe for
innoent are dying.                                       Terrorism is
like a veld fire,putting people in scare and confusion,leaving all
things to destruction.                               Everyone thinks
that his/her religion,culture or political party is the best and pure.
To curb the terrorism people of the world have
to become  one.   United we stand,divided we fall.  Humanity is the
best and sacred religion of all.                                   As
God loves all human beings,lets also love ourselves.
Peace ,love and humanity is all we are crying for arround the world.

Florence Chikumba

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