Saturday 19 December 2015



Let me share your pain
tear it off from you
and make it mine

See you once again
merry as a butterfly
proud of her beauty
and freshness
capturing all around
admiration and wonder

Broken your heart
by poisoned arrows
shot by a loveless heart
merciless his hands

Lost have your wings
their bright colors
sorrowful tilt their corollas
the primroses and daisies
crying are the birds
in their nests and
silent the winds

But, lovingly
I'll care your wounds
caress your soul
to give you back
the longing to fly
By Maria Miraglia
all right reserved.


Dream for a while
to be a king yourself
absolute master of your thoughts
of your emotions and feelings

That have no barriers
free like the winds
able to cross mountains and seas
climb high into the sky
and wander in the clouds

Thy kingdom the world
your army the forests trees
their weapons the flowers
of the world fields

Thy people your brothers on earth
Whites and Blacks
Catholics and Muslims
each with his song of peace

Their common hymn
a melody of universal brotherhood
played by thousand violins
their flags white doves
dancing in the sky

And from north to south
children happily playing
in the heaven down here

Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved 2014

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  1. The blessings we bring thru the healing we bring are without measure .