Saturday 19 December 2015



When I wake up I want to hear a happy song
Cries of people echoes through  my ears
Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
Newschannels add on to the misery
Countless debates ,stone faces,
Shameful display of hypocrisy.
When I wake up I want to  hear a happy song,
All are up against one another,
Who will finally decide upon the winner?
This war must come to an end
A thin curtain of diplomacy fails to hide the ugly side of terror
People on the streets die a thousand death
No one knows what lies next.
When I wake up I want to hear a happy song,
No avatar will come to our rescue,
It's our own battle
We have to fight back without  guns, cannons and shells,
This time let's be on a mission to win only hearts
Why not write a unique story to tell?


Darkness strangulates her silence
She struggles for light,
The deafening  sound of the  jet planes numb her,
She fails to understand the political turmoil,
Smoke coils up above the mute buildings,
Her innocent eyes lives in terror
Unaware of this selfish world's needs
She begs for peace,
Her tattered  mind wanders through the wreckage of today,
Does anyone  care about her?
She sits alone on the rubble of her dreams
With a plea on her pretty lips,
Her heart cries in despair
Whispers a prayer,
'Give me a world without war.'


The fanatics attack again
They've succeeded in satisfying  their zeal to kill
Red is their colour,
Devil loves this cruel game,
Pushes the messengers of death to the gutter
What a thrill !
They come and spray bullets like rain,
Their laughter echoes through the  streets of Paris
Blood drips from their hands,
Ugly faces of the dungeon take pride in inflicting pain.
Life comes to a standstill
Dumb faces wonder in fear,what next?
Truth is cruel,
New day wakes up, sun shines on the ill-fated land,
As time moves on tears dry up,
Life goes back on its track
Only wounds are deep ,they leave a scar so sharp.
Cruel dance of terror leaves the dance floor so slippery
Blood stains glare back in mockery,
O Mercy !
Allow hearts to enjoy the freedom of being alive
Simple dreams want to spread their wings
Above the blue sea where the sea gulls glide and skim
Far from all violence and scream, Let humanity rise above alll pettiness,
We are done with yesterday,
It is now time to rise and strike
Today or never,
No more excuses on the path of tolerance,
It's time to act towards world solidarity.

Nandini Mitra

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