Saturday 19 December 2015


Antonio Garcia
(Queen of Freedoms Face)

Terrorism Light
is in the eyes of a womans jailer.
Hajib hiding the solemn tears
while some walk prideful on a bonded path
chains drag behind their ankles.
Have we no longer forsaken our imprisoners
once they’ve controlled our minds?
Blood trails behind these broken women
but through some- a free spirit looms.
I have fallen in love a mid eastern woman
who is as free in heart as any unchained dog
no longer heeding his masters calling.
Terrorism Light
has a labeled warning.
Jobs and learning are forbidden
for the husband is threatened by her uprising.
The dimensions of owning Sheep
can now be controlled and slaughtered so cheap.
How can a poets heart turn his head
as slavery continues
to bond men to their possessions?
She can travel only permission, and
she is craving her humble freedoms.
A husband is a coward
that encourages these disciplines, for how
is a woman unequaled
by the Son’s and Daughters she brings?
A husband is ruthless
against the forgiving nature and care giving
having her submit to his radical and power stance.
To the streets and the judgment of stones
on women begging to be free:
to the streets where broken dreams end, and solace
is drunk like polluted water.
It’s never about protecting women …
when they have enslaved their hearts and Souls…
My beautiful Woman.. Queen of freedoms face ..
... free in the Iran Sun ...

Ricardo Antonio Garcia

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