Saturday 19 December 2015




I awoke in black of mourning
Just to greet death again
In a pile of carnations once blooming
Amidst the blending of desert grains

While fruit was withering and rendering
Rendering before a game of thrones
As a dark rain fell in a fever pitch
Before a throng of barrel bombs and Russian drones

Forgotten are innocent tears wailing
From the battle cries of war
Where blood spills without value
For a greed of precious crude black ore

Fed in blood of ruby-red
Mirrored by the tears of childless mothers
Where God does not live anymore
For a war brought on by others

Why did we ignore the signs
That had passed by several times
Instead, we went along our way
To mass graves under carnations entwined

Wading within the disadvantaged
Below a sunset in night-time flames
Dusted by grains of desert sands
Where no difference comes without change

Dramatically their dying in red carnations
In a crisis that never appears to end
As blood coats the desert
In pursuit of finding God again


There is a crack bricked in black
As fires flame, again
Stoked in hearths
Where cracks open wide
Letting loose what’s hides
Behind cruel hearts in destain
Wakeful is the blackness stirring
Stirring the apathetic dark
Where dried hearts withered as prey
In stealth of night
Inflicting their cold-blooded ways
Guns fire
Bombs blast higher
At a concert and soccer game
As evil reveals what it steals
From cringing eyes
Behind cracks bricked in black
Thieving innocence of life away
Do not sleep
O’ Liberty
Stay awake, this day
Your beauty shines for all to see
As we rise with you today
DAESH, now undressed in black
Is falling backwards
Into their own graves
From the hunting grounds
In our cities and towns
Against Freedom and Liberty
There shell be no quarters
Across our boarders
In the lands of the free
The cracks in black
Shall be filled and driven back
Deep into the ocean and seas

Norman Francis
All rights reserved


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