Saturday 19 December 2015



I was sitting drinking coffee
As I'd suffered quite a blow
My company was shrinking
I was told I had to go

The coffee shop was crowded
And with nothing much to do
Eyes rested on a pretty girl
Who was sat there, wearing blue

Then staring at my coffee
'Cos it tasted rather vile
Looking up, she'd vanished
Left her brief case in the aisle

I picked it up to chase her
Do my good deed for the day
But the outside street was crowded
And I wasn't sure which way

Then I saw her in the distance
And pursued the girl in blue
Having once been in the army
I then stuck to her like glue

She was walking very quickly
It was hard to make much ground
The crowds impeded progress
There were people all around

Then I caught her at a corner
Where the crossing had a light
When I touched her on the shoulder
She was paralysed with fright

And she didn't look delighted
When I handed her the case
Then a look of resignation
Slowly crept across her face

It was when I heard her phone ring
As I walked across the street
That the blast within the brief case
Must have blown me thirty feet...

I've been stuck in bed for ages
As my life has been on "pause"
Why did such a thing of beauty
Choose to die for such a cause?

Robbie Fleming:

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